The Warmth of Smiling Eyes

Greeted with warmth and a smile is priceless

We recently experienced genuine warmth throughout a short family break in the West of Ireland. This impression will stay strong fixated in our minds forever. The travel and hospitality industry professionals are friendly, courteous and attentive. But the real delight was that from strangers in the cities, towns and villages who all seemed equally interested. It was as if they have all been to a special Irish charm school, except that the warmth in their eyes showed quite clearly. Their smiles were genuine and their interest was real.

A special feeling

“When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” was written in 1912 by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff Jr., set to music composed by Ernest Ball, for Olcott’s production of “The Isle O’ Dreams”. The song truly comes to life when you meet the people themselves. The most familiar lyrics are in this central verse:

“When Irish eyes are smiling
Sure, ’tis like the morn in Spring
In the lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the angels sing
When Irish hearts are happy
All the world seems bright and gay
And when Irish eyes are smiling
Sure, they steal your heart away”

Creating corporate magic

If you could bottle this ‘spirit’ and inject it into all your operational and customer service personnel, corporate magic would happen! Indeed, in terms of motivation and performance management generally, this elixir of life could transform reputations and relationships across all enterprises. Until then, it is worth considering what alternative stimuli leaders can apply to help achieve success and happiness for their teams, including direct employees, suppliers, channel partners and customers.

Smiles are infectious

Have you noticed how much smiling makes you feel better? Scientists tell us that it’s all to do with chemicals in the brain, but we just know it works and that’s the important thing. It works for the person originating the smile and it invariably provokes a positive response from the smiler’s target! When you talk on the telephone, your smile can be ‘heard’ in your voice.

A smile is friendly, calming, reassuring and uplifting. You feel so much better when someone makes those type of gestures toward you, whatever the circumstances. It encourages dialogue, builds rapport and increases mutual trust. A smile is a good omen.

Human language

Human communication and interaction depend on language. A foreign language can be a barrier to understanding and may require translation. Sign language is a solution to impaired hearing. The reality is that barriers to understanding drop when people meet face to face and there is a strong need or desire to share information. Facial and body language are instinctive. They are a natural mechanism for indicating feelings and intentions. The smile opens the door to opportunity.

We work with our corporate clients to foster dialogue and understanding. Working relationships, internal and external, depend on sharing information and ideas. Efficient two-way channels of communication allow for vital feedback, providing opportunities for improvement.

Return on investment

Live events like internal meetings, conferences, hospitality or awards programmes, all facilitate the conversations that lead to further success. Seeing the warmth in smiling eyes is one of our most important measures of a good return on investment.

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