Electric Bus Manufacturer Case Study


To deliver the first Zero Emissions Conference in London for a Chinese electric bus manufacturer.

PAEM received an invitation to submit a proposal for the conference, with a short deadline of only 24 hours, as the conference had already been announced to senior personnel and there were only 60 days (44 working days) until the conference was to begin!

A proposal was put together with an overview of 2 top London properties, a headline budget with various ideas for programme content, and some ideas for a “Special Dinner”. The 84 strong audience was to consist of city mayors, transport ministers, and advisors to a number of government departments, coming from a variety of international locations, all of which was taken in to account when designing the proposed solution.

Conference Itinerary

London was chosen for the first conference, due to its accessibility and the fact that the manufacturer had operational buses with TFL that could be used on the event. They also they had 20 of their own fully electric, brand new minicabs in service in London that were used as part of the programme. A deal was made with Heathrow Express to provide vouchers for their use, and all guests regardless of level were picked up in these cars.

The programme included:

  • Hosting at the 5 star Langham Hotel
  • 84 different individual guest schedules
  • Dinner at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden
  • Attendee arrival via new buses (which were on trial at the time)
  • An on board London guide to provide local information via headsets to the attendees.

The Results

“The conference could not have gone any better.”

The client believed that if they had worked with a larger agency, that they would not have received the level of dedicated service they received from PAEM – calls were undertaken as late (or early!) as 3am.

PAEM worked with the manufacturer again to create the 2017 conference in Budapest .

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