Lose weight, get rich, make new friendships, work less, play more… the list of New Year resolution options can be a long one. In business terms, proper planning is key to achieving objectives and leaves less room for excuses for failing to keep resolutions!

Before investing marketing funds in live events in 2018, why not resolve to ensure that you get a better ROI (return on investment) by taking our Event ROI test? It is quick and easy, but will change your attitude to events forever! It will also improve results and provide valuable business benefits.

Most New Year’s resolutions involve sacrifices, pain and often expense. Our Event ROI test has none of those negative connotations. It might prompt you to ask why you have not done it before, but what’s a little embarrassment compared with the reward for your resolution?

We learned the principles of Event ROI from Dr Elling Hamso of the Event ROI Institute in Norway, who has taught us that the underlying purpose of any event is to change behaviour, which reflects attitude too. You want tangible results that support your strategic objectives

Planning is key

Planning using Event ROI methodology includes the following questions:

  • Who are your target audience? How do you ensure that the right people attend? What compelling message can you give them to grab their interest? What’s in it for them?
  • What’s the best event setting? You want to create a setting and atmosphere that supports your brand, but also makes the participants feel recognised and valued.
  • What do you want to share? Information, ideas, plans, future prospects. You want a positive response and for the message to be absorbed.
  • What changes in behaviour do you want? You should be clear about what you want people to do, or do differently, after attending the event.
  • How do you define impact? Can you describe the benefits you expect to derive from the event? Can you quantify extra sales, improved internal processes, or similar improvements?
  • ROI objectives: In simple terms, ROI is the net value created by the event. Events can benefit employees, channel partners, customers, suppliers or investors.

Assessing results, using the Event ROI survey techniques, provides an accurate indication of how well you have met your objectives. It helps in planning future events and supports budget applications, with reliable evidence based on feedback from the target audience.

Whatever your personal and organisational resolutions may be, all of the team at PAEM send their best wishes for a successful business year in 2018!