Your business campaign

Elections in the UK, Europe  and the USA all highlight the challenge of gaining support and commitment.  Winning political votes and campaigning for your business both demand the same strategic planning and management.

As leader, you will need the support of specialists in research, planning, communications, organisation and execution.  The campaign will be led by you, but a campaign manager and an experienced agent are essential to the development of your strategy.   Working together, you will canvas opinion and gauge reaction.

Delivering your message

Your employees, channel partners, suppliers and customers are “stakeholders” in your business.  As with governments and political parties, you need to gain their understanding and trust, to ensure success. 

The constituents in the country are diverse and independent.  They have the power of the vote.  They also have a wide range of views and interests.  Your stakeholders are the same.  They can always exercise the ultimate sanction, to leave you.  Your message to them must be clear and consistent.

Getting a positive result

The outcome of an election is determined by the share of votes cast. In business, there are more subtle measures of success. Getting a positive result, however, still relies on how well your message is received.   You are competing for support and loyalty. 

These are some of the key elements of a successful election campaign:

  • Recognise the concerns and expectations of your audience
  • Address the realities of the current situation
  • Accept responsibility and express commitment to deliver change
  • Select a leadership team of all the talents
  • Write and publish your manifesto – a statement of intent
  • Design and communicate a clear plan for action
  • Set achievable goals and a realistic timetable
  • Ask for the votes!