Experience Meets Opportunity

Industry Trends

On 5th December 2017 Performance & Event Management Ltd became a member of AIEA – the Alliance of Independent Event Agencies. The key reasons for our decision to join AIEA were the aims of the Alliance and its core values.


AIEA logo


Aligning values

AIEA’s Code of Practice includes two declarations with which we identify very clearly in our own business philosophy:

  • “Members should prioritise the needs, wellbeing and satisfaction of clients at all times.”
  • “We recognise the importance of our venue suppliers and remain committed to enhancing our knowledge.”

The first of these topics, the focus on clients, reflects our mission to always add value to their organisations. We encourage our clients to use Event ROI methodology in the planning and operation of all events, so that the results can be measured against key performance criteria.

Equally, engaging with our suppliers has always been part of our management strategy. In an ever-changing world, we rely on the knowledge and experience of industry suppliers to maintain awareness and to be able to continuously offer clients the best marketing communication options.

Membership criteria

The membership criteria for AIEA reflect the purpose behind its formation and include two factors which we think are significant for our existing and potential new clients.

  • “Membership is only applicable for privately owned and independent agencies registered in the UK.”
  • “Event management must be the primary business activity.”

Whilst membership of AIEA gives our company a united voice and joint platform for commenting on issues and developments in the marketplace, that is not our prime motivation. We believe that dialogue improves understanding, in every enterprise.

Working with independent agencies offer unique benefits for clients who value honest, impartial advice. Owner-operated agencies (and other specialist suppliers) are much more likely to put the clients’ interests first, as business security and stability are essential for their success, both professional and personal.

Sharing experiences and learning from other similar agency leaders, through AIEA membership, nurtures our CPD (continuous professional development) and supports lifelong learning.

When experience meets opportunity, the independent agency’s agility and speed of response gives their clients a valuable competitive advantage.