Event organisation resuming

Communication will be a vital part of business recovery, after the hiatus caused by Covid-19. Planning corporate events is central to reconnecting with channel partners and customers. Many companies recognise the value of putting business events back on the agenda. Confidence and engagement will be restored through interaction at live events.

The impact of meetings and hospitality events depends on many factors. Selecting the right venue, creating a positive environment and delivering a clear message are the priorities.  Event management companies have been in constant dialogue with event suppliers during the pandemic.  Major hotels and conference centres have implemented relevant health and safety measures.  Consequently, the protection of delegates and staff is given top priority.

The return of business events

The government has announced 1st October as the date for resumption of business events and conferences in England.  The rest of the UK is likely to adopt a similar timetable. Official guidelines will apply to safe distancing practice.  However, clients and venues will be able to make their own decisions about these measures for their events, as long as they comply with the minimum regulations.

The latest bulletin dated 17th July states that the following measures are required. As a result it will be safe to resume business events and conferences:

  • Attendees will be pre-booked and registered for events
  • Contactless registration systems will make check-in quick and safe
  • The same digital technology will eliminate the need for physical badges
  • Paper handouts and gifts will no longer be offered
  • Entrance to event or conference spaces will be staggered to reduce queuing
  • Overall capacity will be limited to ensure safe distancing
  • Events will be planned around one-way systems where appropriate
  • Venues will use enhanced cleaning procedures including sufficient hand sanitisers

Celebrate the full event experience

Your business will recover and grow quicker from the boost delivered by an event experience.  Progress will be helped by the easing of restrictions on theatres and entertainment from 1st August.  The hospitality provided at business events is the icing on the cake.  Most importantly, memories last and the motivation factor drives future performance.  Therefore planning your business events should start now, for later this year and into 2021.   Beat the rush to access the best locations and venues. In other words, put business events back on the agenda to protect your future!