Foundations For Business Performance


Like a building, business performance can only remain stable and secure with strong foundations. Sustainability and long-term success depend on many factors, including quality, productivity and continuity. Despite the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and other intelligent software systems, people are always at the heart of every company, from the twin perspectives of provider and customer. Performance improvement can never be ignored, as complacency is the first step towards failure.

Building connections

Internal and external relationships need constant renewal, for the foundations of any business to remain sound. The process of developing top performers and winners from within the ranks of your organisation starts with attracting the best talent, retaining the best people and investing in their future. Employee engagement is a vital management ingredient in every successful company.

We have seen the impact that employee incentives can have on retaining employees and channel partners, whilst live events are an ideal forum for the exchange of information and ideas, as well as a way of giving recognition and a voice to individuals and team leaders.  Equally conferences, hospitality events, incentive travel programmes and other rewards all play their part in raising morale.  Motivation is the key to competitive performance.

A blog on the Glassdoor web site reminds us that creating a positive and healthy work environment is the essential first step towards employee satisfaction and engagement. One of the 8 tips it offers is on the topic of recognition and reward. Starting at a fairly fundamental level, the article suggests:

“It is important that your team be connected, even if there are remote workers on your team.  It is not enough to simply work on projects together. In order to be able to establish a truly productive working relationship, you have to get to know one another. Start looking at ways that your team can be better connected. If there are remote workers, use HD video conferencing so everyone can take part in meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.  Begin these meetings with ice-breaker questions, such as “what is your favourite hobby” or “do you have any pets”.  At each meeting, conference call, etc., you will learn more and more about each other and have a better personal connection that is going to help to improve productivity.”

Generating performance

Providing inclusive, caring working conditions and giving recognition and support to the entire team will help to identify problems before they escalate and result in lower performance standards. Emotional intelligence has gained widespread acceptance in recent times as a significant influence on business success.

The cold wind of reality reminds us, however, that there is little room for sentiment when it comes to competition for business. The marketplace demands energy, determination, high performance standards and relentless commitment. Your top performing sales managers and account management executives will undoubtedly be driven by ego and the scent of victory, but that alone is not enough to generate the extra winning margin. Offering prestigious incentive awards and giving these high achievers the “bragging rights” they crave ensures their continued loyalty and effort.

Whilst a competitive spirit is the driving force for performance improvement, the winning mindset is required across teams, not just at an individual level. Communicating the mission and vision behind company goals clearly is a critical precursor to any new business initiative. Exceeding targets and consistently beating the opposition is a strategic management challenge that will only be overcome through thorough planning and professional execution.