The importance of incentives and events

Confidence is low, morale is sagging. The economic and social prospects look bleak. Your colleagues at work will be worrying about inflation. Their security and wellbeing are at risk. How best can you as a leader can support them? The answer is to ensure their jobs are safe by regenerating your business. The performance of your business depends at least in part on how well your people perform.

Incentives take many forms, from shopping vouchers to glamorous prizes. When described and explained clearly, rewards can be motivating. They must be relevant and fair, distributed to all who deserve them. They are only meaningful if they can be directly linked to personal or team achievements.

Supplying detailed information to all concerned is essential for any incentive programme to succeed. Regular communication, personalised and direct, is vital in maintaining interest and enthusiasm about rewards on offer. Sustaining performance and reaching targets demands effort and enthusiasm, but the excitement created by incentives is contagious.

Events bring incentives to life

Live events inject energy and enjoyment into business life. They bring people together in a relaxed, positive frame of mind. Teams, departments, divisions and networks feel identified and recognised. Events provide a platform for motivating messages, new announcements and reports of success.

Event activities foster knowledge and understanding between people who work as part of dispersed teams. With the advent of home offices and shared workspaces, many companies struggle to build loyalty and cohesion. Productivity and performance are boosted by live events.

Events are a showcase for celebrating achievements and sharing a vision of the future. Business performance is in the spotlight and clear for all to see and experience.