Corporate events are back on the menu

Meetings, business presentations, hospitality and team-building activities are all returning to the events calendar in 2022.

The response is cautious, as health and safety measures are essential with Covid restrictions relaxed. Nevertheless, business leaders are aware of the positive impact of live events on communication and co-operation. Recovery has started and the future looks bright.

UK and international events return

We are welcoming new enquiries from clients for events in the UK and overseas. Product launches in Europe, sales conferences in the UK and abroad, team-building and incentives are all being planned for this year and next.

Safe responsible event management

Economic growth depends on business success. New technology, especially in the fields of renewables and zero carbon emissions, is showing huge potential. Event management companies and the hospitality sector pioneered safe new practices to combat Covid. The focus now is on reducing the impact of live events on the environment.

The agenda for the events industry mirrors the concerns of our major client sectors. We are all finding better ways to promote sustainable growth.