Talented chefs and hospitality staff can add unique flavours and culinary flair to your hospitality programme. In our experience, live entertainment can add a magic spark that ignites the atmosphere. As event organisers, we are privileged to witness and enjoy many special skills close up (and that does not just refer to magicians, although they often amaze and frustrate us in equal measure!)

Researching the simplest idea for enhancing an existing event theme reveals a wealth of performing prowess. The variety of skills available, for events in the UK and around the World, is remarkable. In particular we seek artists who can interact with and engage an audience. That ability intensifies the impact of the event for each participant, leaving them with lasting memories of those special moments which are exclusive to the event itself.Corporate budget holders and decision makers are entitled to expect a measurable and tangible return on their investment. This applies equally to business conferences, internal communications or channel partner events and other similar occasions. Conference breaks, lunches, dinners, barbeques, buffets and of course cocktail parties all benefit from the element of surprise and delight that live entertainment provides.

William Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on” and he knew a bit about entertaining audiences! You may not intend your event to generate quite that much passion, but leaving people with a sense of wellbeing and appreciation is a desirable outcome for any event.

Let us not forget that waiting in the wings are a host of talented entertainers ready to take to the stage and contribute to the enjoyment of our event guests. We may be “orchestrating” a great performance, but as conductors we depend on talented artists to make the experience really special.