The lure of incentive travel

In these troubling economic times, people need extra motivation at work. It helps them to focus and persevere, maintain standards and achieve targets. Travel has been proved to be the best incentive. Incentive travel awards are the ultimate recognition that drives top business results.

Dreaming about travel destinations is not enough. Your top performers need the adrenalin of competition and crave the buzz of success. Our job is to deliver exclusive travel experiences that will sustain their engagement and commitment.

Choosing your travel destination

The world is opening and reawakening after the Covid pandemic. The excitement that travel destinations generate has returned. Now is the time to decide on where to take your top performers. Destinations around the world are waiting to welcome your guests on your next incentive travel programme. Where will you take them?

The choice of destination depends on many factors, including:

  • Travelling distance and time
  • Features of the destination
  • The appropriate programme theme
  • The size of your travel group
  • Your budget and the profile of your guests

Destinations old and new

Our destinations menu is long and varied. We have created and managed incentive travel programmes in 64 countries. Here are just some examples. We will work with you to select the most effective and relevant travel experience for you and your guests.


  • Las Vegas – the fun capital of the western world
  • La Manga – a Spanish resort to suit everyone
  • Phinda Private Game Reserve – the magic of South Africa’s wildlife.


  • New York – buzzing with energy and style
  • Venice – romantic, historic and unique
  • Istanbul – gateway to Asia, colourful and exciting.


  • Malta – rediscovered as a modern, inviting Mediterranean destination
  • Mallorca – great value for money, friendly and accommodating
  • Barbados – one of many exotic Caribbean islands throbbing with life.

Whatever destination you choose, you and your guests will experience the thrill of international travel with exclusive service and personal recognition.