The value of engagement

The success of any organisation reflects the performance of motivated people. Employees, channel partners and other stakeholders all need to be involved. Software is available to measure engagement, using anonymous surveys.

A number of key factors affect performance. Engagement Multiplier is one company offering analysis of how well an organisation is engaging with its key people. This is a link to their web site:

The value of engagement can be assessed using quantitative and qualitative measures. Quantitative measures of performance include turnover, profit and market share. Qualitative indicators include brand recognition, customer reviews, staff retention levels and engagement. Engagement surveys help to gain a 360 degree profile of the organisation.

How events improve performance

The link between live events and performance improvement may not seem obvious. Engagement takes many forms. Personal interaction between people at live events builds trust and co-operation. It is the ultimate opportunity for engagement which, in turn, delivers improved performance.

People work together better if they share a vision and have a clear sense of direction. Participating together at live events improves understanding and mutual confidence.

Performance and event management

Our contribution to engagement and improved performance is in effective event planning and management. Our clients expect a tangible return on investment. They also need to nurture and develop important working relationships. Employee loyalty and commitment increase when employees feel recognised and engaged.

Live events offer unique opportunities and amazing experiences that people never forget.