Incentives drive business recovery

Business recovery in a time of challenge

Emerging from the restraints of the Covid-19 lockdown presents enormous challenges for business.  Rewards will come quickest to companies that use incentives to drive recovery, giving them a foothold in the market and securing early advantage.   NOW is the time to set targets and phase rewards.

Managing health protection, productivity and profit are all practical issues.   Achieving maximum performance with these constraints will be even harder, as it depends on “soft” issues including confidence, clarity and commitment. 

Communication and motivation will be critical to business recovery and growth.  Offering incentives demonstrates strong leadership. They show that contributions from employees and channel partners are truly valued.   Rewards raise morale and improve engagement across the wider team.

Inspirational incentives events in the UK

As a specialist event management company we have operating experience in 64 countries. We have no hesitation, however, in recommending UK locations to our clients.  The current restrictions on overseas travel only reinforce the excellent options in the UK. Incentives featuring world-class services in the UK will help to drive your business recovery.

The Principal Hotel, York, a superb incentives venue

The Principal Hotel, York

Examples of highly successful, memorable and unique incentive events, in London and York, can be viewed by following these links:



Effective business communication will be vital in these post-pandemic trading conditions.  Brand values and development plans are important. That is why messages about products and services must reach all the right people.  Above all, it is essential that employees and channel partners are fully informed and engaged.

The pandemic has accelerated the use of live streamed communication. As a result, you can now choose from a bigger menu of options when designing motivational events.  They include:

  • Live events – meetings and hospitality occasions, with sanitisation, personal protection, safe distancing and other practical measures to protect staff and visitors, as legislation permits.
  • Live streamed events, combining the audience in the venue with a wider group of invited participants connected via a dedicated telecommunications channel.  Presentations and contributions, both verbal and visual, can be made from the meeting location and from other participants across the community.
  • Totally “virtual” events, using communications technology to involve invited participants.  The ability to present to the group, interject or contribute individually from multiple locations will all be controlled by an event administrator. 

Keep incentives simple to drive recovey                    

Remember that incentives drive business recovery and sustain performance levels.

The most important features of an incentive programme are:

  • Clear, simple, specific performance targets
  • Transparent award thresholds
  • Unambiguous reward structures
  • Regular and motivating messages
  • Attractive, appropriate and authentic awards

Planning now is vital to deliver recognition and reward events in 3, 6 or 12 months’ time.  You need to be certain that expectations will be exceeded when the event goes live. Impact on your VIP guests will create fresh desire and determination to deliver more great results for the business!  Working with an external events agency can make a big difference. We deliver real value for money.

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