Post pandemic business – the recovery phase (audio)

Setting performance goals

Covid-19 has hit many business sectors very hard. As a result, staff are being furloughed and supply chains restricted, or simply closed down.  The “lockdown” period offers business leaders a valuable opportunity for change. Consequently, many are planning how to gain a competitive advantage and make a “fast start” recovery when the situation changes. 

You will accelerate to “peak performance” more quickly from a standing start with detailed planning and design . Getting off the starting line first puts you in pole position.  The best prepared competitors, combining talent, training and ambition, are the winners .  You already have one foot on the podium if you see your company team as gold medal contenders, .  However, performance improvement is not just a theory. It is a practical process built on clear objectives.

Team morale and motivation

Everyone is affected by the extended period of isolation. Many employees will feel disconnected and uncertain about their futures.  This makes reuniting teams and building momentum a top priority.  Clear, confident direction will be essential.  Most importantly, sharing plans and objectives will increase engagement and commitment. 

Business recovery will depend on regular bulletins and briefings about progress and achievements.  Sharing good news and celebrating success will forge stronger relationships.   Bringing people together at live events is the most effective way to boost morale and motivation.

Plan corporate events early

Testing and vaccines are expected to be available in the near future.  They will make it safe to organise company events in the right controlled conditions.   You will gain a competitive advantage by planning live events as part of your business recovery programme .  That will help you to achieve rapid growth. Offering incentives to employees and channel partners for achieving objectives will demonstrate your confidence and encourage commitment.

You can see the results from your conferences, team building and hospitality events using the proven methodology of Event ROI .  Post-event research will help you to assess attitudes and monitor performance.

Event management in a new era

The events industry has been severely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the hospitality sector.  Event management companies have strong relationships and a wide range of business contacts. This means that they are best placed to help corporate clients negotiate with suppliers.  Our experience of event planning and expertise in live corporate communications had been adapted to the new era, adding value to your events. 

Close teamwork, trust and efficiency are essential to business recovery and growth.  People cannot operate in a vacuum. Relying on remote working, with no personal supervision or interaction, creates unnatural relationships .  If you want to retain the loyalty and involvement of your colleagues and business partners, live events must be part of your plans for the future.