What can you do to protect business relationships?

The marketing mix may have changed, but good business relationships are still vital. Although it may be cost-effective and efficient, technology can separate you from your suppliers, channel partners and customers. People still relate to other people. We are not all robots yet!

  • What impact has social media had on your business and the bottom line?
  • Can you measure the return on investment from your spending on social media?
  • How much has social media increased your competitiveness and grown market share?

Building bridges is more effective than building walls. Active listening requires more than voice-recognition software and multiple options as to which button to press on a keypad. Developing rapport, understanding and trust are steps towards creating strong durable partnerships.

Commitment and loyalty are emotional reactions resulting from personal involvement and engagement. We are “programmed” to put our individual interests first and to protect ourselves. Successful business relationships depend on overcoming natural suspicion and sharing risks and opportunities.

These are reasons why live events are still the most powerful way of assuring your survival and future competitiveness. Careful planning of live events, to define measurable objectives, will produce a healthy return on investment. We help our business clients to mirror social media, by turning connections into collaboration.