Reflecting on successful events

There are reasons to be cheerful about the future for live events. Happiness is infectious and confidence can be shared with a smile.  How do we survive the Covid-19 lockdown and maintain an optimistic outlook?  Looking back through our archives we have found hundreds of photos of happy motivated people.  They were participating in a variety of live events, in the UK and overseas.  That stock of images reminds us that there is no substitute for personal interaction in building relationships and creating memorable experiences.

Planning for recovery

The pandemic has taught us that we need to adapt and be creative in combining live events with online communication.  Involvement and engagement are the two elements of the symbiosis which live events generates.  It’s a sort of magic formula that occurs naturally, when planned and managed professionally.

We must spend this time preparing for the return of corporate events, in a new working environment and with new rules.  Health and Safety have taken on new aspects of risk that will be controlled.  Integrating these new protocols into event planning and management reflects similar security challenges that we have faced in the past.   The live events industry is utilising the talents of many creative event organisers planning for recovery.  The return of live events is on the horizon.

Reasons for the Events industry to cheerful

An amazing pool of talent is poised and ready to contribute to the recovery, including:

  • Event management agencies
  • Hotels and other event venues
  • Specialist caterers
  • Transportation companies
  • Entertainers
  • Lighting, sound and staging engineers
  • Freelancer event executives
  • Film & video producers
  • Designers and writers
  • Presenters and celebrities
  • Clients with sales and marketing budgets to invest.

Ian Dury had personal battles to fight but he entertained and inspired others with his unique style of entertainment and talent.  Live events are irreplaceable.  We remain cheerful and optimistic.

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