Event planning for a “new normal”

The advent of Covid-19 has changed our lives dramatically, making prospects uncertain for companies large and small.  Isolation and safe distancing, to avoid the infection spreading, have disrupted family and working lives for everyone. Business operations and structures have been adapted where demand still exists.  The employment scene has changed radically.

Virtual meetings have been facilitated by modern technology.  From Parliament and board rooms, plans have been presented and discussed over computer screens and phones. Families missing the benefits of human contact are connecting on social media, individually and in groups.  The cold reality is that this feels strange and is a poor substitute for actual physical connection and interaction.  Events management companies have the experience and expertise in event planning and organisation to add value to these virtual events.

Business communication

Long-term changes will result from the current emergency.  Many employees in sales, service, planning, research, administration and management roles have been redeployed to work from home offices.  Companies will see opportunities to reduce fixed costs with smaller premises and lower overheads.  Alternative information systems will accommodate more message traffic and operational capacity.  People will have far less direct contact.

Communication is a two-way process and only works with strong, reliable connections.  Live events reveal qualities, characteristics and abilities in people that will never develop fully in a confined environment. Contact and co-operation, teamwork and shared discoveries are the fertile soil in which new ideas and initiatives grow.

Events in the post-pandemic era

With no vaccine in sight and widespread fear of infection, there is no immediate prospect of travel and assembly in large numbers returning.  Companies planning for their futures must however be able to communicate and involve their stakeholders.  Employee engagement, channel partner support, supply chain management and customer interface are all going to be essential in rebuilding business.  Direct contact and co-operation oils the wheels of commerce and industry. 

Event planning and organisation plays a vital role in corporate communications.  New procedures, safeguards and facilities will be incorporated at live events.  The experience will be different, but the memories just as stimulating.  Creativity combined with precise logistical control guarantee that every live event produces tangible benefits and positive business results.