A couple of years ago we were privileged to be selected by a large Chinese manufacturing company to help them plan an important business conference in London. The lead-in time was very short and the logistics of the invitation and registration process were complicated. In close co-operation with the client company’s International team, we delivered the event and exceeded expectations.

The client’s managers in Europe observed at close quarters how much preparation, planning and administration was involved and recognised the value of our contribution. The result? Two years later the company asked us to organise the same event (or at least something very similar) but this time in Budapest.

The lead time was again quite short but the big difference this time was the higher level of awareness and understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities in the project. The experience was demanding, enjoyable and ultimately rewarding, for a number of reasons.

This is why we love working in the events industry:

  • Bringing people together (in this case from China and all parts of Europe) is a tangible way to improve understanding, tolerance, co-operation and security for all concerned.
  • Business decisions are made about adopting new technology, products and services, which can have a positive effect on employment, economies and communities. (This conference brought zero-carbon transportation closer to reality, which in turn will alleviate some of the health risks cause by air pollution in cities and town centres.)
  • The success of events is always the result of clients and suppliers working together. Everyone benefits from sharing knowledge and working as a team. There is nothing quite like the experience of producing live events. It is exhausting and intoxicating, often in equal measures.
  • The human species is naturally gregarious.  However sophisticated scientists make information technology, artificial intelligence and robotics, we must provide outlets for natural emotion and ambition. Live events are a dynamic catalyst for interaction, dialogue and endeavour.