Synopsis: When you are talking business communications events, virtual meetings and video conferences are rapidly emerging as a reliable option.  Cost-effective technological solutions are now available for every type of live event.

Meetings and business communications

The adage is often true, that there are too many meetings, especially internal ones.  Video conferencing software means that more of people’s productive time is lost.  Who is monitoring the cost-effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of these business communications?

A “physical” event inevitably takes time to arrange, but the costs are clear for venue, catering, transportation and event management.  Live events, when delivered by expert event organisers, create unique shared memories and forge valuable new business relationships. Face to face interaction ensures personal engagement, even with social distancing. As a result, your brand message, values and vision are better understood. Corporate live events are still the most dynamic form of marketing communications.

Talking business communications events

The Covid-19 pandemic has left a trail of disruption and financial damage in its wake.  Companies of all sizes face practical constraints, as well as massive market contractions.  The resurrection and growth of business in all sectors will depend on trust. Suppliers and customers will be seeking reassurances on new issues around health and security.

Effective business communication is essential in these post-pandemic trading conditions.  Therefore, messages about brand values and developments must reach all the right people.  Employees and channel partners must be fully informed and involved. 

The stage is set for your organisation to present its plans for the future. There are now more ways to reach your audience.  You can choose from a longer options menu when designing live communication and recognition events .  They include:

  • Live events – conferences, exhibitions, meetings and hospitality occasions, with sanitisation, personal protection, safe distancing and other practical measures to protect staff and visitors.
  • Live streamed events, combining the audience in the venue with a wider group of invited participants connected via a dedicated telecommunications channel.  Presentations and contributions, both verbal and visual, can be made from the meeting location and from other participants across the community.
  • Totally “virtual” events, using communications technology to involve invited participants.  The ability to present to the group, interject or contribute individually from multiple locations will all be controlled by an event administrator. 

Talking technology

The same diligence is needed when planning virtual meetings and presentations as any other business communications event.  Remote working means that protecting your investment, reputation, business relationships and brand image are all even more compelling priorities. Expert support and advice will ensure that the same return on investment (Event ROI) methodology is applied. 

So how can you do this safely?  Cost effective tested solutions are available to you immediately.  For example, utilising 4G equipment and a streaming mixer interface, our technical team will connect multiple participants to your presentation location. This facilitates two-way real time communication.  Cameras, operators, audio systems and onsite engineers are all available.  A simple package formula allows maximum flexibility and budget control. Solutions are tailored to your precise requirements.

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