The business of events

Your business may be technical, scientific and process driven.  You might feel disconnected from touchy-feely soft power theories.  Directing your projects and controlling quality are full-time commitments. 

If this scenario describes your workload, you could be overlooking the value that people contribute to your business.  Interaction and dialogue can reveal attitudes and beliefs that may be slowing progress and undermining productivity. 

Taking a break from routine business activities gives people an opportunity to re-connect, sharing knowledge and ideas while also getting to know each other better.

The value of live events

People interact and engage at live events.  They are immersed in the experience, reacting to the atmosphere and excitement of the occasion.  These three-dimensional impressions can only be created at live events.

You can expect a real return on investment from events.  The event planning process involves setting clear objectives. Outcomes achieved can be measured scientifically, using Event ROI methodology.  Both qualitative and quantitative measures are used.


With the dramatic restrictions imposed to contain Covid-19, live events of all kinds have been prohibited.  The economic and social value of cultural, sporting and business events has been lost to the economy.  The positive benefits to mental health, motivation and ambition that events can generate have been sorely missed.

As Winter 2020 approaches our industry is campaigning for recognition of its massive contribution.  #oneindustryonevoice is the banner around which we have gathered. 

Give your business a boost and start planning now for live events in 2021.  Rediscover the live event experience!