The value of incentive travel


Incentive travel delivers real value

Imagine the best reviews that your company can get, then add a personal connection to the relationship.  Incentive travel experiences can deliver that value for your business.

For many years we have seen how shared travel experiences can bring people closer together.  Memories of unique moments in the travel programme, from exciting group activities to relaxing exclusive dinners, leave lasting positive memories.

The value of incentives is not only in financial returns, but also in relationships.  The benefits for the host company include loyalty, commitment and increased performance from the participants. 

Testimonials reveal the full picture

Hitting targets, achieving growth and increasing market share are all important key performance indicators (KPIs).   The long-term sustainability of a business relies on close relationships.

This feedback, from guests to their corporate event hosts, demonstrates the impact of incentive travel awards.  These are extracts from emails and letters sent to the companies that sponsored and hosted the events.

  • “The whole trip has been totally superb.  The food and wine were both exquisite. The hotel was a delight.  The company of colleagues and their partners was a refreshing change from our normal routine. We all work hard to continue to be successful. A reward like this can only inspire more hard work. Hopefully we will qualify again soon.”
  • “Thank you so very much for making our recent trip to Venice such a wonderful and unforgettable occasion.  My husband and I truly had “the time of our lives”.  It was just magical.”
  • “I want to say a big thank you to you and your team for another superb event.  It was well organised, extremely varied, with great food and wonderful ambience, with several “Wow” memorable moments included. It was what we have come to expect from the events you organise and it certainly created memories.”
  • “On behalf of us both, we would like to say a huge thank you for all your hard work.  The time and effort you put in made our trip to Malta very special.  As always, you provided us with a trip to remember, for all the right reasons.  Great location, great food, great activities and great company.”
  • “Thank you and all the hardworking team for a mind-blowing weekend in Dubai.  You can be assured that I will be encouraging my colleagues to qualify for the next event, so that they can enjoy as much as we did.”