Performance management in a post-Covid world

In the UK, the New Year has been marked by a wave of industrial action. Strikes and disruption are happening in the rail network, nursing, the ambulance service and education. Under-investment, earnings falling behind inflation and labour shortages after Covid are all being blamed for this situation.

The response from the government is to demand increased productivity and new working practices. Trade unions and employer organisations struggle to find an acceptable compromise solution. Workers in these sectors are stressed and disillusioned. Significant numbers are leaving.

Are these symptoms of a condition that exists across the wider workforce? Do private companies face similar challenges and could the situation get worse? Probably, but investment in people pays dividends. Performance management is a key leadership responsibility.

Reward and recognition

Morale and team spirit in the workforce are damaged by pressure and stress. Intelligent leaders get close to their people, acknowledge their concerns and offer reassurance. They listen and share their plans for improvement. Communication is essential, both with the internal team and channel partners. Recognition is important, but reward for commitment and extra effort is the best investment for the future.

Surviving a crisis can bond people more closely, as long as their health and wellbeing are protected. Sustaining recovery and growth requires continuous awareness from enterprise leaders. Regular performance awards are a vital part of leadership and management strategy.