You instinctively know when something is perfect, and timing is always a key element of that success. In sport, the best competitors seem to have more time to execute the perfect move.  It might be a winning backhand volley at Wimbledon, or a sweetly struck penalty at the football World Cup. In the kitchen of a Michelin Star chef, timing is critical to how the food looks and tastes when it is served.

Perfect timing is not just a natural talent or luck, it is also the result of many hours’ practice and planning. In business, the timing of decisions can directly affect results too. Training and preparation for every corporate event, launch, change and sales push is part of responsible business leadership. Planning any corporate event, such as conferences and product launches requires special experience and expertise.

Timing your move should not be instinctive, but intuitive. In other words, when you execute a winning move it is the consequence of a set of circumstances that combine to give you that unique opportunity. Whether you are presenting your business strategy or next year’s sales targets at a sales or marketing meeting, you want the message to hit home. You want to score the winning point!

What’s more, timing of decisions in business can also have major financial implications, from the perfect time to buy a competitor, to the worst time to sell your stocks.

Take British technology entrepreneur Michael Birch. He and his wife started working on the social networking website Bebo in January 2005. It grew rapidly and just three years later, he sold it to AOL for $850 million. Yet a mere two years after the purchase, AOL proceeded to dispose of Bebo for an undisclosed amount thought to be less than $10m. As Birch said afterwards: “Obviously, the timing was good for us and bad for AOL.”

Game plan

Success can be elusive and your business competitors will also be planning for victory. As with many sports and creative endeavours, you need to put together a team of specialists who understand how all elements fit together to give that winning edge. With live events like conferences and product launches in the UK and overseas, a good support infrastructure is essential. A detailed game plan will follow a precise schedule so that every phase is timed for maximum impact.

Attention to detail and impeccable timing are both part of a disciplined approach to achieving the highest operational standards when the event goes live. All the ingredients of a product launch or conference are selected to complement and enhance your brand image and reputation. The overall objective of any business event is to present your product or service in the best light.

The guest experience at the event must be perfect. Timing and delivery are the keys to making a positive impression. The focus of the event is on your presentation, but behind the scenes many skills and technical abilities contribute to the final result. An experienced event management agency can help you to organise and orchestrate the performance, delivering flair and imagination combined with confidence.

Precision timing is key throughout. Every corporate event provides you with an exclusive showcase for your company. It is an opportunity to introduce a new product or service, a new brand or corporate image, a sales incentive and reward programme, or simply to celebrate the company’s achievements. The environment and atmosphere that we create for your corporate event must be conducive to the delivery of your message and your brand image. Food and drink, lighting, staging, sound systems, recorded and live music, special effects to accompany a product reveal and many other specialist event services are all synchronised to ensure your event is timed to perfection.