Communication and conversation

21st century companies operate in fluid conditions, as market forces constantly shift.  New technologies, materials and systems affect competitiveness. Changing attitudes and values, amongst employees and customers, disrupt business. Businesses must be agile and innovative to sustain progress towards their objectives.  Huge adjustments have been required in response to the latest coronavirus outbreak.

All this reinforces the need for dialogue.  Marketing communications involve listening as well as telling. Social media platforms have created dynamic environments in which information and ideas spread with lightning speed.  At the personal level individuals need “slow news” that they can absorb and understand fully.  Event management companies are expert at facilitating interaction and engagement within teams, between employees and with channel partners.

Company meetings and other live events are a great opportunity to share information but also to influence attitudes and change behaviours.  The power of conversation can be the catalyst for innovation and team building.

Conferences, hospitality events and incentive programmes help companies build relationships with people vital to their success. Tailoring content to address individual interests and ambitions makes corporate events productive and profitable.  Conversation is the oil that lubricates the engine of enterprise.

Making memories

When you share an experience with a colleague, the memory of that event is linked with the person and the circumstances. Building connections through conversation creates a memory bank and closer connections.  Memories arouse emotions

With professional support, the company hosting the event creates an experience that inspires and motivates.  In the Covid-19 pandemic, safe distancing and isolation are necessary.  Many “virtual” events are happening as companies adapt to the situation. Expert planning and organisation of corporate communication events is essential. 

It is still possible to create unique memories that will continue to motivate participants or guests long after they resume their work.  Liverpool University published a study revealing how positive recollections and images generate positive emotions, which they apply to the treatment of anxiety and other mental health problems.

In a business environment, competitive pressures and risks must be managed with confidence. Supporting staff and channel partners encourages engagement.  Colleagues able to recall mutual event experiences in conversation are more likely to develop strong enduring relationships.